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New NG Series Labelers by Collamat

Collamat has introduced its NG Series Labelers. These are a modular concept that includes a broad variation of applications and the lightest and most compact labelers for their capacity.

The Collamat NG 50 and NG 100 are the ultimate label dispensers in flexibility for the present and/or future labeling jobs.

Unique design, state of the art integrated control and communication facilities, high end components in caster aluminum.

The NG Series breaks with the traditionally used labeling heads and introduces the most complete flexible labeling unit on the market. Demands for quality labeling will be best fulfilled with the Collamat NG series. The possibilities of an upgradable modular concept, make the Collamat NG a safe investment for turbulent times. You will get a unit that is suitable for simple promotional labeling as well as for most complex integration into a production line or a packaging machine.


  • 50 or 100m/min speed
  • 100,000 labels per hour
  • 400 mm label rolls
  • Up to 250 mm label width
  • Ethernet Communication
  • Low weight for easy installation
  • Optional IP 54

NG Series Model Information:

  • NG 50 X 100mm web width
  • NG 50 Y 180mm web width
  • NG 100 X 100mm web width
  • NG 100 Y 180mm web width
  • NG 100 Z 250mm web width

Link for Collamat NG Series labeler

Designed modular components based on the newest molding technology gives optimal robustness by minimal weight, allowing only one person to do the installation and service.

The whole system is mounted on one base plate. This makes seamless integration into packaging, wrapping or filling machines easy and gives a better standardized solution.

Collamat is represented in more than 40 countries though value adding distributors. All training and supported by Collamat.

If you have any questions regarding how a NG Series labeler can benefit your application or if you need assistance with any of the Collamat Labeling Equipment, please feel free to contact us. We value your business.

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Todd Amerman

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